Lex first started doing magic at age 4 when his brother came home one day with the coolest thing ever to be seen by a 4 year old: a magic trick.

That moment would change things forever…

You are probably asking yourself, “Why hire this guy?” What’s so special about him?”

I learned my first magic trick when I was four. That was over 25 years ago.

I still love magic to this day and the military, in addition to a business degree, taught me to have the courage and creativity to do things no other magicians can do.  When a company hires me, business school teaches I reflect their heir professional image when I perform.

Before I was a full time magician I was a soldier.  As a result of my service I needed 7 orthopedic procedures to be normal.  So magic became my job.  To laugh, and make people in the doctors office laugh waiting to be seen. That’s when I learned to do a one handed shuffle and take magic to a new level.
People often ask, what is your real job? First impressions, some people think being a magician is a joke, but it is truly funny til I start performing

When a job is something that helped a person through 7 surgeries that no one can see, it’s a job with a skillset, not amateur hour.

To be a magician, it takes courage.  Not just the courage to perform, but the courage to do something different and go the extra mile for a trick or a client. 

After I got to do a bullet catch on stage with Penn and Teller, I promised to do a magic trick for Penn just to do a magic trick for him to prepare to go on their tv show Penn and Teller’s Fool Us.  Magicians might call it a moment of “Triumph”. 

The next year, I took my chances for America’s Got Talent and it was quite an experience.

If you hire me you don’t just hire a professional magician, you hire a memory that will last you a lifetime.