FOunders day

Founders Day at the Magic Castle


Last night I had the honor and privilege of being invited to the Magic Castle for Founders Day by my friend, the Amazing Tom Frank, one of the castle’s finest members.

I received an incredible tour from one of the legendary Castle Knights named Bob. I never knew so much history was there until yesterday. His knowledge of the history was so in depth I had to buy the book from the gift shop to learn more!

I saw Ed Kwon, Bruce Kalvar, Matt Marcy, Roy Davenport, Tommy and Stacy Wind, and the great Steve Valentine, who I had the honor of meeting after his late show in the close up gallery.

All of you just blew my mind!! Thank you for a show unlike any other!

If you have the opportunity to go to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA this week, or even any other week, I would highly recommend going. All the performers I saw will be there performing every night through Sunday!

Go to the magic castle this and you will receive an experience unlike any other!

Lex Schwartz