Dave and Buster's Meetup and Magic

On Thursday, I went to a meetup of SoCal Redditors and we went to Dave & Buster’s in Arcadia, CA for fun, wings, and magic.

Normally people play games, but for some reason every Dave & Buster’s I go to have a bunch of little tables in the game rooms. Perfect sized table to spread a deck of cards across and to show new tricks to when people are waiting in line for one of the video games.

Afterwards we saw Alita: Battle Angel

Just as we got to the final scene, the projector went haywire and the movie had issues. When we got outside of the theater there was a power surge and the entire mall went dark. It was certainly unexpected but friends and I did hear one of the statues still singing in the dark. That was the most unexpected, but enjoyable thing to happen in the dark.

Definitely a fun night to remember and do again soon!

Lex SchwartzComment