Steve Valentine Live in Los Angeles 5/8/2019

My first Apple News Article is dedicated to the members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Society of American Magicians, and The Academy of Magical Arts and the amazing magic all of them continue to contribute to the love and art of magic.

Several months ago, I saw Steve Valentine perform. I had never seen his show before, but I was curious to see him do magic.

Little did he know, I was a magician when I was picked for the show. Up until that day, we had never met, but I had heard his name and seen him on TV several times doing Houdini’s Underwater Torture Cell trick on a TV show that rhymes with Mouse.

The man absolutely blew my mind with his incredible sleight of hand and his friendly personality. It ended up showing me a side of magic I did not know was possible when it came to the theater art. Even after 26 years of magic myself, I have never seen anyone do what he did.

Recently, I saw my friend perform again, and this time, he was int he was incredible. The entire audience was engaged and enjoyed every moment of it and it was the best magic show I have ever seen in my life.

Steve has been known to be a mentor to many and even does his own magic lectures on his website. Many useful card lessons are there and much better quality than the free ones on YouTube, but this is just one man’s opinion.

Keep working towards the good of magic Steve. As some people might say, you are a Renaissance Man.