Maxx Review

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For the last several years I have had the honor of going to Penguin and Maxx Magic Conventions in Los Angeles, CA.

Penguin is the largest magic retailer in the United States and home of the Online Magic College.

I have had the honor of meeting Max Tempkin (creator of Cards Against Humanity). David Regal, Max Maven, Mark Mason, Gregory Wilson, Darn Harlan, and many many other skilled magicians that have pushed the boundaries of magic and the business as it is today.

Many many business cards later, I have made friends, business partners, come up with new ideas, and been blessed to learn more and more every single year. My own products should be available for sale this time next year!

This year has quite the line up and it should be quite a time! Last year I asked “The Most F%&^cked up Question” of Maxx 2018 to Dan Harlan about a ventriloquist friend of mine that did his performance at a funeral. Use your imagination and you will get an idea of how silent the room went. I will tell that story later as it is one of my personal favorites. I will be posting some interesting stories of previous conventions and jokes played soon!

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