Well hello, thank you for joining me on this magical journey to master the mystic art of prestidigitation

My name is Lex, I'm a full-time professional Illusionist specializing in high-end private and corporate events. Whether you have a group of 1 or 1000, I have a show that is guaranteed to amaze you and your most important guests.

I started Magic at age 4, majored in business in college & now I do magic full time.

From walk around close-up magic at a cocktail party, a formal close-up show in your home, or an amazing and engaging stage show at your next event, your guests will experience a show like no other with Magic at its finest! You’ll be a hero for hiring me or my colleagues.

If you are looking for a children’s magician, you have still come to the right place! My team party magicians can do shows unlike any you have ever seen!

It’s not an Illusion, it’s a Lusion because The “I” and the “L” in Illusion only exist in your mind.

Some magicians want to make you laugh, some want to amaze you, my job is to make you smile and feel happy on the inside.
Whether it’s for just a brief moment or forever, that smile can make a difference in your life.

What do you get when you hire me?

  • Fun-The most important thing for any entertainer is to guarantee the audience has fun. I guarantee your guests will have a great time and an experience they will be talking about for years.

  • Comedy- When you have a VIP in your audience, the last thing you need is to be embarrassed or insulted. People will laugh throughout the show, but it will never occur at the expense of someone else.

  • Professional Visual Magic-Whether there are hundreds of people in a banquet hall or a small number of people in a boardroom, everyone will experience magic that looks and feels like magic.

  • First Rate Entertainment & Professionalism-When you hire me, you will be dealing with a professional that returns calls promptly, shows up early, and leaves every one of your guests with a smile.

*Please be sure to leave a message with name, phone number, and your personal requests for a show or fill out the booking form for a quote.